These photos show the condenser and furnace components of a two RUUD high-efficiency 16 SEER 2-stage systems with integrated humidity control functions installed recently in a residential home in a gated community in the Memorial area. The home has five systems. The two 5-ton systems were replaced simultaneously in 8-2012.

RUUD UARL Condenser

The condensers were installed to code on leveled lightweight condenser pads, the electrical wiring is enclosed in conduit and sealed as it enters the disconnect boxes, the copper suction refrigerant line is insulated in 1.5 inch thick closed cell insulation. The four units were situated with code required clearances.


The units are engineered for use in multiple positions and were set horizontally to conform to the existing system design. Galvanized metal heater stands were used and secured to the plywood service decking, new gas piping, flexible lines and gas valves were installed. The flue pipe is double-wall and the furnace is vented through the roof per code for an induced draft motor.