from Houston, 2013

Peace of Mind is More Than Worth It!

Thank you so much for having Steve come by and check out the dripping noise in the attic. As you know, he didn’t find any problem with the air conditioner or any other evidence of a water problem. I feel so much better! I turned the thermostat to 77 from 78 while Steve was here. I got home around 6:15 tonight and everything seems fine. No dripping noise! It could have been in my neighbors’ unit. Anyway, I am so relieved. I love my new A/C and have been so comfortable during these hot months and the monthly bills are considerably less than last year. So, thanks again and please send me your bill. My peace of mind is more than worth it!



from Houston, 2013


Above and Beyond Preventative Maintenance

I feel an obligation to pass on to you some helpful information concerning your A’C compressor units. Recently Resource Mechanical (who is doing our routine maintenance checks) replaced some parts on our A’C unit and told us that the compressor should also be replaced due to a loud and disconcerting noise it was making. They informed us that these units usually have a 10 year warranty but that the tag on the unit said 2002. We told them we purchased the condo in Oct. 2003. On their own initiative they contacted the manufacturer and were able to get us a promise of a replacement compressor for free (normal cost ~ $1000) under the warranty with proof of condo purchase. Of course, we still had to pay for them to install the compressor but we saved the cost of the most expensive part. We felt this company went over and above the routine service provided by most HVAC companies and wanted to tout their exceptional service. Other companies that we had contacted for a second opinion, did not even mention this as an option. If you all are the original owners of your units and have this same problem, we would encourage you to use this company and ask for the same level of assistance and service.

from Houston

Thank You so Much!

I am so pleased with my new Ruud Air Conditioning system and duct work. Since I am at a complete loss when it comes to A/Cs (and most things mechanical), I really appreciate the good advice and recommendations made by Mr. Rogers. Please extend my personal thanks to your crew (Tony, Paul, Geno, and Steve) for the excellent job they did installing the system. I know it wasn’t easy! One last thing – the system is so quiet, I don’t even know when it’s running (I got the RUUD Model 037JEC). “Thank you” to everyone at Resource Mechanical.



April 2008

Superior Service

I contacted Wayne in 2006 to install central HVAC; but the project stalled out when I couldn’t find a reputable and honest electrician. Within a two-week period we picked up the project and got it done. Wayne met with my plumber and they agreed upon what needed to be done. My home had been recently rewired and the electrical work done except for the hook up. Within a week of the meeting the work was scheduled. Wayne was very sympathetic to my work situation and scheduled the work on Friday so I only had to take one day off. It was the coldest day we had in Houston, so they were able to get my heater installed and operational that first day. I was very impressed with the conscientiousness of the workmen and the neatness of their work. Good job! I got more than my money’s worth.

Lynn and Jimmy
from Houston, July 2012

20 Years Strong!

We have used ReSource Mechanical, Inc. for twenty years. They have always done work for us. When our units needed replacing, we called them. These guys take good care of us- that’s why we love them!



Mariano and Peggy
from Katy, April 2012

On Time and Very Nice

I had Resource come out and repair my AC unit. It had stopped cooling. They found two wires that came loose. They reconnected and checked the outside unit. They were on time and very nice. They were thorough and professional. I felt real comfortable and confident in their services.

April 2012

Job Well Done!

Job extremely well done. Our needs were borne out. We have been using this company for ten years. Outstanding service and work.


from Houston, April 2012

Trustworthy Technicians

My unit was not coming on. I called and received same day service. I was not home when Steve (the technician) and his helper arrived, so I left my house key for them as they are trustworthy. I was notified by Steve via phone about the air conditioner problem and remedy. Excellent! I really appreciated Resource Mechanical’s quick response to my air conditioner need! I am a long time customer, fully satisfied with their excellent service and I recommend them to friends!

Dale and Carolyn
from Houston, March 2012

We Would Recommend Them to Anyone!

We have been dealing with Resource Mechanical for about 18 years now. During that time, they have performed annual inspections and many minor repairs. Additionally, they have replaced three entire central AC and heating units, three outside units, three evaporator coils and one blower. We have always been satisfied with their work. Their prices are fair, not the lowest, but below the bandits in the business. They completely stand behind their work and are very responsive when contacted. We rely heavily on Steve, their Senior Technician, and always ask for him by name. He is a straight shooter who always defines optional approaches to solving a particular problem, assuming there are more than one, to allow us to make reasonably intelligent decisions balancing cost versus likely benefit. We recommend Resource Mechanical, Inc.

from Houston, March 2012

Extremely Polite and Professional

I had a leaky air conditioning coil in the attic. Resource Mechanical was prompt and took care of the problem within two days of discovering it. They are extremely polite and professional.


from Houston, June 2014

Very Professional

I had Resource Mechanical replace both my inside and outside unit. They did a great job! The guys were professional and very nice. My electric bill has now been cut in half! I will use them for my maintenance.

from Houston, June 2012

We Love Resource Mechanical

Resource Mechanical has been our service provider for AC / Heat for over 20 years and did an excellent job of keeping our units running and in good repair. In December of 2011 we had them install a new AC/Heat and again they handled the job in a very professional manner. Wayne Rogers has one of the few companies still believes in and delivers quality service. It is a pleasure to work with a company that cares about their work and about their customers. It’s unusual to find a company that does what they say they are going to do and this company does just that.

Brian and Nancy

April 2011

Resource Mechanical are The Guys I Call

I use Resource Mechanical for heating and air conditioning maintenance. I have been using them for 20 years. The last time I used them was 2 years ago for a complete check. I spent $100 on that job. They are wonderful. They are really nice guys. They tell me exactly what they are doing and I appreciate them. They have always done their job. Instead of making huge corrections, they try and make my units last long.



from Houston, June 2011

I’ll Continue Using Them!

I used Resource Mechanical, Inc in May of 2011. They fixed the air conditioner for me. They replaced my heaters long ago, and replaced the air conditioning unit in the past years. They have done routine annual inspections on the heating and air conditioning units. Their work turned out fine. The air conditioners were energy efficient.