A recent 3-ton RUUD heat pump system installed in an older Galleria area townhome (4-2013). Note the attic was very tight and the crew had to work within the confines of the framing. The attic access door was too small for the new equipment to fit through, and the equipment had to be dismantled, carried into the attic and reassembled inside the attic. A tough job.

Yorktown 3-ton Heat Pump Condenser

16-SEER RUUD UPRL 2-stage with integrated humidity control set on a leveled lightweight condenser pad, insulated suction line, wiring run in conduit sealed as it enters the disconnect box.

Yorktown 3-ton Heat Pump Air Handler with air cleaner

The 16 SEER RUUD RHPL 2-stage with electric back up heat unit is engineered as multi-position and is mounted horizontally to conform to the existing design. The unit was set on sheet metal heater stands, fitted with a large secondary condensate drain pan, all joints sealed. The system included a RUUD media air cleaner cabinet that accommodates a 5- inch thick filter that filters out down to .05 microns, shown mounted to the evaporator coil in the photo.

Yorktown R8 Flex duct

All accessible duct was replaced with R-8 energy rated foil-backed duct, supported and secured per code.

Yorktown RUUD Communicating thermostat